Fazenda Mar Azul – Patrocinio

Milk Chocoloate, Carmel & Hazelnuts

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Country: Brazil

Region: Cerrado of Minas

Washing Station: Fazenda Mar Azul

Producer/Farmer: Marcelo Balerini de Carvalho

Altitude: 1000 MASL

Variety: Yellow Bourbon

Processing: Pulped Natural

Flavours: Milk Chocoloate, Carmel & Hazelnuts

Marcelo and his family began to grow coffee on the Fazenda Mar Azul estate in 2004 and he has not stopped since. As a trained agronomist he found a place in the Cerrado Mineiro region suitable for his coffee plantation. His farm has grown and he now has over 400 ha of coffee growing and employs over 35 people. Marcelo prides himself on using good agricultural practices.

Marcelo uses both mechanical and manual harvesting techniques. As support for his sustainable practices Marcelo sought certification. This helps provide him with a framework for the practices he is implementing on his farm. He strives for the preservation of natural resources, soil conservation and makes conscious use of water on the farm.

Marcelo encourages the employees’ children to study and provides scholarships for them. He also constantly encourages his employees to educate themselves through studies, courses and lectures. Fazenda Mar Azul has extensive community projects, such as blood donations, sponsorship of cultural and religious events and supporting a Brazilian children’s charity.