Cafe Mujeres ASMUCAES – La Esparanza

Floral Aroma with Apricot & Brown Sugar


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Country: Colombia

Region: La Esperanza

Washing Station: ASMUCAES

Producer/Farmer: Small Farm Holders

Altitude: 1600 – 18000 MASL

Variety: Caturra, Castillo, Tabi

Processing: Fully Washed

Flavours: Floral Aroma with Apricot & Brown Sugar

ASMUCAES is an association of Women coffee producers that have understood that one of the ways to take care of their families and improve their quality of life is producing coffee in one of the most productive regions in the country. The association started in November of 2008 with 38 women from different towns such as La Estrella, Bella Vista,El Rubi, El Eden, Caicedonia and La Armenia all Located in the department of Tolima.