Los Pinos – Renardo Ovalle

Red Grape, Plum, Bakers’ Cocoa


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Country: Guatemala

Region: Santa Barabara

Washing Station: Finca La Bolsa

Producer/Farmer: Renardo Orvalle

Altitude: 12000 MASL

Variety: Caturra, Bourbon

Processing: Anaerobic Natural

Flavours: Red Grape, Plum, Bakers’ Cocoa

Suggested for use with Filter brew methods

Los Pinos is a small experimental plot which forms part of Finca La Bolsa. The plot was chosen due to its high altitude and heavy coverage of Grevillea shade, which helps to keep the coffee trees at a consistent temperature and humidity year round.

Finca la Bolsa has a big focus on commnity and sustainability. In 1980, the farm founded a school for the local children on the farm which still runs today. They also have an agricultural department which oversees all practices from water management and deforestation prevention, to adherence to Rainforest Alliances standards and practices.