Tungei – Wahgi Valley

Light and Clean, Nectarine, Berries and Caramel


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Country: Papua New Guinea

Region: Wahgi Valley

Washing Station: Tungei

Producer/Farmer: Tungei

Altitude: 1400-2200 MASL

Variety: Arabica – Bourbon

Processing: Washed

Flavours: Light and Clean, Nectarine, Berries and Caramel

The Tungei Selection Plantation standard is harvested in the Wahgi Valley region, in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The Wahgi Valley is home to the Tungei tribe. Today the Tungei depend on subsistence agriculture as a livelihood; raising pigs and growing sweet potatoes, corn, sugarcane, bananas and a great variety of green-leafed vegetables. Their land is ideally suited to coffee-growing, with altitudes ranging from 1400-2200 MASL. Many families have re-located their homes from more traditional sites at higher altitude in side valleys, to the floor of the Wahgi Valley, at about 1600 MASL, where coffee production is considerably easier and where the Highlands Highway allows people to come and go by bus and truck.